Blog Test -Rekationship rules-

Hara Estroff Marano writes about rules of relationship in this article. There are twenty-six rules to keep good relationship with partner in English, for example, Respect partner, know your needs and speak up for your partner clearly, take a long range view and so on.


       By Hara Estroff Marano, published on October 01, 2004



Relationship with our partner, friends and any person is difficult to keep good one in our life. Especially relationship between man and women is more difficult than others. I agree with these rules in this article. I think that most important rule of all them is to be honestly. We should tell our partner whatever you like or dislike but don’t assume.  After telling them it, we should discuss. We don’t need to be afraid of telling our partner honestly because partners should be a most understandable person for each other. If we don’t tell them what I think or feel, they would feel uncomfortable or let them be nervous. Of course, we have some secrets but it is not good to have it so many. I think it is a key point to be honestly to keep good relationship. And also, it is said to relationship with friends and family too.

When we contact with partner, friends and any person, we always should take care of it. Good relationship makes us spend a happy day.


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Yosakoi Festival is coming soon!



I am belong to Yosakoi circle, tabi-geinin(旅鯨人).

I really enjoyed dancing Yosakoi last year.

It was really hot and hard for me, but It is my good memory in Kochi.


There are a lot of teams in this festival. Each teams wear coloful costume, hair and have any type of songs.

I think that you should join it not just watching! Practicing the dance is not easy.You shoud feel tired, but If you were in Kochi, I want you to try it even only once. It must be a good memory for you.

This movie is one of my favorite team. It is beautiful! This festival held in Tokyo, but you can also see it in Kochi.     (From Youtube)

Let’s join us!!

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Trick picture Part2

Last time, I put on trick pictures. Some people commented to me. They enjoyed it.

So,I will put more picture on my blog. However I couldn’t put these picture on my blog because it’s too big. Please click this URL. There are many types of picture.

These picture are called 錯視画像.(I don’t know how to say in English) This has to do with psychology. I am learnig now. I think humans are so mysterious.

You keep looking at these picture, you would see like moving!

*Some people might feel bad. Please don’t look at it for a long time!


This one is interesting too.



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Cockroaches are hiding your house!?

Do you clean your room reguraly?  Do you take out garbage ?

In this seasons, many kand of bugs will appear.Most grotesque one is cockroaches!! They are coming from any places. They can also fly! I really hate this.

Cockroches are hiding in a dark place. They can eat anything! For example, paper, hair and dung of animals.Their favorite food will be beer and onion. Their vital energies are so strong! If they drink  just a drop, they can alive for over two weeks. It’ s unbelievable!

We should shut them out of our house.They are coming even the space is so small. We must shut any space thoroughly! However, they might be coming. It is all right if you have cleaned your room. Don’t put cardboard or plants! They might make a nest.

A good way not to appear cockroaches is cleaning!

Plase keep it!!

If you want get more information, please click here.

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How to Shampoo

In the rainy season, A problem of women is damege of hair!

Our hair usually is damaged in this season!

So, I looked up how to shampoo.

How to shampoo:

1) Before you shampoo, you should comb. There is a effect on emboss the dirt.

2) Washing hair with hot water (for 2~3 minutes). It is more better washing haire sufficiently.

3) Frothing the shampoo on your hads.Then washing hair. And a point is using the inside of finger.

4) Rinsing the shampoo out of your hair. You need to take a long time to do that.

5) Wiping the water with using towel softely.

6) Drying with a hair drier. Don’t sleep you stay the wetting hair.


If you keep doing this way, your hair might be beautiful!

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Blood Type

After a rainy day finish, Summer will be coming!

We can enjoy swimming, eating, playing sports and so on! But, a enemy of human  will appeare in the summer!

What is it? It’s a mosquito! They bit  our body and make us itch. Especially, I really hate them while i’m sleeping.

Mosquitos that stick human are almost female.  They need to get protein because they most lay eggs.Peopole who drink and are sweating are apt to be stick by mosquitos. They also most like type O blood . O blood is similar to the honey of  flower so it will be good taste for them. Next tipe of blood that mosquitos like is B , AB and A blood.

What should we do to protect thei attack?

① Spraying the spray of  repellent to a window screen

②Keeping own room less 25 degree

③Wiping own sweat

It is the way of protecting their attack!

Don’t forget buying a mosquito coil of incense!!

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Trick Picture

I found a interesting thing!!

Do you know ” trick picture “? In the other word, ” trick art”!

one more picture hade in a picture. some people can find it, but others cannot find it!


Plase look at these picture. Could you find 2 pictures in a picture?!


No.1 :  It is  a very famous one!


No.2: Could you find a prfile of grandfather?

No.3:  Oh! Here is a baby!


How was it??

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